Pathfinder Broads Cruise

If you feel like writing a log of your time on the cruise, one particular event on the cruise, or just about anything to do with the cruise, and it'll get put up on here. Feel free to send anything in, as long as it's printable!


Realisations of a First-Year J.O. - by Emily Carter


Alternative Sailing Terms - by Greg Melia

Party Boat Japonica - by Max McLiesh

Just Hanging Around - by Max McLiesh


Jargon - by Japonica 1


Miranda - by Japonica 1

Why I shall not be on deck tomorrow - by Ben Stinchcombe

An Ode to Luke - by Tim Harris


Leander's Meanderings: Fond memories of Paddy Gleave

Despair to Victory: Greg Melia's day has its ups and downs