Pathfinder Broads Cruise


By Japonica 1

Welcome, welcome nice to see you, anyone for a biscuit. No? Only me then. Time for our what I call a log, inspired by our boat heroine Miranda. Just let me find the right page, bear with, bear with… and back. This log is brought to you by: Ceremiah Japonica Webb 1st, Princess Katarina Mcleish, Lady Sarah Coe, Dame Emily Cross, Baroness Amelia Page and Danni.

Previously on our boat:

Our grill pan took a dive, leading to a serious delay in our bacon sandwhiches.

Emily considered going for a swim, but having taken the plunge she found the water rather cold. Let’s stop for a moment to appreciate the word ‘plunge’, plunge, plunge, plunge, I can’t stop saying it, plunge, plunge, plunge…

Dave ‘Hugh Grant lookalike’ Parr-Phwaar- entertained our girls this week with his blessings and foliage collections.

On Monday we were invited to an exclusive Japonica party by Japs 5 and 3, but then Coriander tried to gate crash and ended up abandoning half her crew.

Thursday was an eventful for all our girls with several men overboard- Cheeky!

Today we found out Ceri’s secret crush…which we will now reveal to the whole cruise… Number 1 in Ceri’s top 5 is (dramatic pause) BANKS! We know this because she spends so much time on them.

Ooh, I’ve just noticed a certain gentleman back there with s spiffing ‘tache- alright Jeremy J I’ve got some impressive sailing terminology for you, to make our sailing more spiritual, so instead of saying ‘lee ho’ when you tack, you should say ‘ho- lee’.

Also we’ve noticed something rather funny… isn’t it funny that our worship leader, Sky is in blue squadron. It’s funny because the sky is blue and he is called Sky in blue squadron, now come on that’s funny.

Over the week, we’ve discovered a particular philosopher in our midst, Alex, who has some interesting and insightful sailing definitions. When asked ‘what is a rond anchor?’ he replied 'well anything could be wrong' and when asked 'what is a sheet bend?' he said 'you see a sheep and you sail around it.'

And when it comes to the end on the day, we all like to look back on the day and ask ourselves one question.

[sung] “What have you done today to make you feel proud?”