Pathfinder Broads Cruise

Just Hanging Around

By Max McLiesh of Javelin 3

A Wise man once said 'if you aren't living on the edge, you are taking up too much room'. Well, I say wise, it was Steve Evans. So, naturally I could not help but be tempted by the challenge of hanging from Potter bridge. The plan was simple - hang for a few seconds, drop onto the next arriving boat, strut into Potter, feeling confident in my manliness and perhaps pick up a triple-decker burger with extra HP sauce, sailing into Somerton as a local hero.

However, amid my excitement, I forgot to account for one major part of my plan. As I jumped onto the under-rails of the bridge and looked behind me, I realised that there were no boats following us. No worries, I thought, I've used the same weights bench as Nick McLiesh, I could hang here for hours. My fingers disagreed. I can only imagine when I finally dropped, the horror on the faces of the passers-by. I say horror, you say hysterics.

My envisaged strut back to my boat was instead a dripping mess, and if there is one thing that's worse than falling into the Norfolk B-Roads, it's being laughed at by Joel Magdelena. Like the rest of the Cruise, the experience was character building, but if I've learned anything from this experience, it is that if Nick can do something, I probably can't!