Pathfinder Broads Cruise

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'Broads Cruise Highlights' - (2019)

A short compilation from different places during the week, of boats and people in the Pathfinder Broads Cruise, presented in the order of what happens during the day

Courtesy of Luke Nunns

'A Day in the Life' - (2016)

A montage showing what a typical day on the Pathfinder Broads Cruise can be like

Courtesy of Jeremy Nunns

Jacindar Sailing - (2019)

Martham's new yacht sailing in various locations with the Pathfinder Broads Cruise

Courtesy of Jeremy Nunns

Highlights - (2014)

A short montage of the week, featuring sailing, sunshine and activities

Courtesy of Gareth Nunns

Promo Video - (2014)

Find out about the Pathfinder Broads Cruise - hear what the people who love it have to say about how awesome it is

Courtesy of Gareth Nunns

Sailing on Horey Mere - (2018)

The Broads Cruise fleet of sixteen yachts from Martham Boats, sailing on Horsey Mere, mostly in sunshine and quite strong winds.

Courtesy of Jeremy Nunns

Broads Cruise Highlights 2018

A brief compilation as an introduction to the week, arranged in the order of a day on the Broads Cruise; featuring sailing on the Upper Thurne, Horsey Mere and Hickling Broad, plus activities in the evening.

Courtesy of Luke Nunns

Sail Training Weekend - (2018)

The Sail Training Weekend for the Broads Cruise leaders at Fellowship Afloat, sailing Wayfarers and keelboats in the Blackwater Estuary during a rather blustery weekend.

Courtesy of Jeremy Nunns

Sailing Martham Yachts - (2016)

Highlights of the week's sailing, in a wide variety of yachts from Martham Boatyard

Courtesy of Jeremy Nunns

Potter Heigham Bridge in a Silver Jubilee - (2017)

Fitting a Silver Jubilee, one of the largest crusiers we use, through one of the lowest bridges on the Broads, at Potter Heigham

Courtesy of Jeremy Nunns

Broads Cruise 2014 - the unofficial version

Sky's video impressions of the cruise

Courtesy of Sky Cady

Broads Cruise Sunsets - (2013)

Taken on the cruise, with the sun setting over the moored boats

Courtesy of Gareth Nunns

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