Sail Training Weekend 2012

9th - 11th March 2012

Photographs by Jeremy Nunns


Anna Hilton, Antonia Foster, Emilie Foster, Lizzie Poole, Mali Roberts, Naomi Andrew,
Nicky Yates, Peter Davies, Rose Lee, Sarah Nichols, Sarah Coe, Tilly Claydon & Tom Dixon

With Instructors: Jeremy Nunns, Stephen Didsbury,
Jez Littlewood, Pippa Nunns and Caroline Johnson

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Friday Evening

The Nancy Oldfield Trust - our base for the weekend

Exterior of the N.O.T. Bungalow

From the bungalow down to the water

The Dory and Yeomans ready in the Dyke

The N.O.T. 'Ark' out on Barton Broad

Friday supper around the table . . .

. . . joined by Josh Bridges

Assembled in the lounge for a (brief) theory session

We started tying knots . . .

. . . even tying each other in knots



Saturday Morning - Preparation and Sailing

Preparing in the morning making our lunches

Pippa talking about how to Slow the boat down

Out on the Broad to 'The Ark'

Preparing 'Aslan' ready to hoist sail

And getting the cover off one of the Yeomans

A Yeoman gets sailing across the Broad

'Aslan' in the sunshine

Peter sails the Bass Boat away from the pontoon

Out across the Broad in the morning sun

Nicky takes command of the Randmeer

The Randmeer tanking along on a beam reach

Then practicing slowing down

Boats spread out across the broad

Anna and Sarah sailing a Yeoman

Close-up of activity in another Yeoman

Rose sails a Yeoman on a broad reach

Back on 'The Ark' for a coffe break

Sailing again - Mali and Rose in the Randmeer

The Bass Boat, without its Mizzen sail raised

Practicing 'Coming Alongside'boat

Nicky now sailing a Yeoman

Yeomans and Eternal Hope moored up to 'The Ark'

Lizzie sailing the Bass Boat

Mooring up, ready for lunch

Saturday Afternoon - Sailing in the Sunshine

Lunch on 'The Ark'

Sitting around discussing sailing - and stuff

And joined by Josh (again)

Pippa and Caroline demonstrate reefing a Yeoman

'Aslan' heads off in the sunshine

Peter steering under Pippa's instruction

Rose and Mali in the Bass Boat

The Randmeer sailing well

A Yeoman giving a nice contrast of sunshine & sails

Joining up in a line to sail together

Following Jez & Josh in the Dory

The line of boats sailing 'Follow My Leader'

Antonia enjoying sailing a Yeoman

Tilly and Naomi in another Yeoman

Sailing 'Follow My Leader' in the evening sun

'Aslan' now takes the lead

But some of the other boats can't easily slow down!

A lovely end to the day's sailing

Getting into the Bass Boat to motor back to the bungalow

Caroline decides to drive the Dory back for the evening


Saturday Evening - Back in the Bungalow

Ready to Eat again, all around the table

A tasty lasagne, cooked by Jez

Even a Birthday Cake for Mali

Gathered for another theory session and time of fellowship together



Sunday Morning - Sailing in Lighter Winds

Preparing our lunches (before breakfast)

Porridge and cereals for breakfast!

Down to the boats - taking the covers off

Getting on board the little cruiser to head for the broad

Tilly at the tiller of the Randmeer

Two Yeomans in the sunshine

Aslan and a Yeoman saill off the pontoon - backwards

Peacefully sailing acrosss Barton Broad

Nicky helming 'Eternal Hope'

Approaching the pontoon for 'coming alongside'

'Aslan', Randmeer and Yeoman at 'The Ark'

Coffee Break back on 'The Ark'

Sarah preparing the Bass Boat for departure

Successfully sailing it off backwards

Naomi gets ready to take the Randmeer out

Tilly helping her depart, as a Yeoman sails off backwards

Naomi making good sternway in the Randmeer

Mali and Lizzie putting the Bass Boat to bed

Tilly and Naomi taking down the Randmeer's mainsail

Gathered for lunch on the pontoon in the sunshine

A fine end to a good weekend's sailing

Photographs by Jeremy Nunns JeremyNunns (at sign)

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